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About Healey Studio - Hahnemühle Certified Studio

In January 2014 Healey Studio became a Hahnemühle Certified Studio.

Healey Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the only Hahnemuhle Certified Studio outside the East Coast, West Coast and the Chicago region.

Healey Studio's other facets

Healey Studio is the combination of John Healey and Ema Tanigaki. Both John and Ema are very creative and have diverse interests. The one uniting factor is that both artists excel in creating works of exquisite quality and unique vision in many media.

Fine Art Photography by John L Healey

John Healey started his career in art immediately after graduating from University as a professional photographer. The colorful 70's provided many unique opportunites for expression. Even after his transition into a glass sculptor, John continued his photography using his talents to do commercial glass photography for himself and other artists. Later John's Abstact Series would develop from his experience photographing his own sculptures. After decades of extremely hard physical labor from working in subtractive glass methods, John has resumed his pursuit of photography as his primary artistic expression. Please visit John Healey Photography • Healey Studio Photography at to view select current and past images.

Glass Sculptures by John L Healey

While photography has always been a passion for John, at one point the lenses he spent most of the time exposing his images through peaked his curiosity. John having a constantly curious mind started researching the glass and with much help from new friends in the optical industry he developed his own methods for creating optical glass sculpture. He showed internationally at the top glass galleries for decades. Eventually just being a pure glass artist became constraining and John added other media, including stone and bronze to become a mixed media sculptor.

Jewelry and Bronze Sculpture by Ema Tanigaki

While studying at University, Ema Tanigaki became acquainted with John Healey. She was fascinated with John's glass sculpture, but even more with the research and developent that was happening at, what was then, "Elmwood Gallery." After graduating Summa Cum Laude in Biophysics, Ema agreed to assist John for six months until he finished his sculptures for a solo exhibition. A year later she became a partner in Healey Studio LLC and over two decades later she continues to apply her scientific and artistic creativity to make art objects that have never been created before.

Ema's website: is also in the process of being updated. It shows Ema's fine wire jewelry work and also her bronze hand fabicated wire sculptural baskets. Currently Ema is working on an in depth lighting project involving fine wires and glass. Updates will be made as time allows.