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Healey Studio - Hahnemuhle Certified Studio Fine Art Photographic Printing

Policies and Pricing - as of January 2014

revised on May 3, 2014

Healey Studio provides the highest quality printing possible based on the image files provided us. Each photographer and each photographers vision is unique

We use custom profiled printer profiles with calibrated Eizo monitors to provide the most accurate prints possible.

We primarily stock 17 x 22 sheets and 24 or 36 inch wide rolls of Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers. Our current Matte selection includes Photorag 308, Photo Rag Bright White, German Etching and Rice Paper. Our Glossy selection includes Fine Art Pearl, Fine Art Baryta, Photo Rag Baryta, Photo Rag Pearl and Baryta FB. We have just added Hahnemuhle Metallic Canvas in 44" rolls as our only Canvas media. We are always adding to our paper selection and are always experimenting with different papers and materials to enlarge our expressive palette. Consulting with us about your desired finished effect is the best way to determine which material will most ideally suit your project. Please see our Reviews and Opinions Blog at and our Healey-Certified-Studio Papers and Resources page for reviews and more information.

Healey Studio is not a photo processing lab nor do we provide any scanning or reproduction of artwork for other photographers. We are successful artists providing our skills and knowledge to select clients that share our vision of creating masterful, meaningful prints that will last the test of time. If economy and/or speed is your primary concern there may be more suitable establishments for your projects. The pricing and policies below are for reference purposes only, if you have a special project that differs from standard printing, this is the type of project we most desire to work on. Please contact us to discuss your special vision.

Direct to Printer Services:

We print directly from the file you provide at the specifications you provide. We print the file As Is. For Direct To Print we do not provide proofs. Please just order a single print for proofing purposes. We recommend using actual finished size proofs since the effects of sharpening and noise reduction is effected by the size of the output. After reviewing your file before printing, if we feel your file will not produce an acceptable print as is we will call you before printing. Any manipulation or clean up required using photoshop in our studio is billed at $100/hr. Minimum time billed per project 1 hr, increments of 10 minutes thereafter.

Direct To Print Image files should be flattened with no alpha channels and with embedded RGB color profile. 16 bit .tiff or .psd files preferred, 8 bit acceptable. No RAW, .fff or .jpeg files will be accepted.

Printing prices for Direct To Print for Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers in stock. Direct to Print services are not offered for Canvas printing.

Pricing Direct To Print
Paper Size 1 st 2-9
11 x 17 inches $45.00 $30.00
17 x 22 inches $65.00 $46.00
24” roll $50 per linear ft $40 per linear ft
36” roll $75 per linear ft $50 per linear ft
  • Prices are for sheet size regardless of image size
  • Prints on roll paper in priced by the linear ft. Minimum print size 1 linear foot.
  • Quantity orders greater than 10 prints will be quoted on an individual basis, as well as other sized non-standard prints.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • When laying out for printing on sheet stock please leave a minimum of 1 inch of white space on the top and 0.5 inches on the bottom and sides of your sheet layout in either portrait or landscape orientation. For roll paper 0.5 inches of white space on all edges is adequate. Edge to edge roll printing incurs an extra charge.

Printing with Healey Studio in house print preparation:

The actual printing costs will be based on the table below. Consultation and Photoshop time will be billed at $100 per hour. One actual sized proof will be provided at half the 1st print rate. The proof will be water marked as such.

Print Pricing with in house Preparation
Paper Size 1 st 2-9
11 x 17 inches $35.00 $25.00
17 x 22 inches $55.00 $40.00
24” roll $45 per linear ft $35 per linear ft
36” roll $65 per linear ft $40 per linear ft

Reserved Time Discount:

Some of our clients choose to use us on a regular reserved basis. If you reserve time with us monthly prepaid, non-refundable, we offer a discount on our in studio time. A one year agreement is required, which renews automatically on a month to month basis after the initial term is completed. The minimum reserve is 4 hours a month, prepaid studio time is 60% of normal hourly fee. Studio time in excess of the prepaid reserved time is billed at 75% of the normal hourly fee. It is assumed that we can communicate more efficiently with our regular clients therefore we need to charge less. Since we do treat every client as an unique individual it takes time to get to know one another. Once we have developed a common creative language with our client, the process is smoother, faster and much more enjoyable. References can be provided by request. Actual printing costs are not included in this discount schedule, although volume printing discounts can always be discussed.

We are a small studio and at rare times it is necessary for us to leave the studio for extended periods. We give our clients ample notice in any such event and adjust the monthly reserve payment accordingly.

Hahnemuhle Metallic Canvas

Please note that the metallic canvas has particular qualities that make it a quite stunning and spectacular media for appropriate prints, however the same qualities make it hard to predict how colors will print unless one has much exerience with this media. Even with exerience it may require more than one try to produce the desired results with this material. Due to the unusual nature of Hahnemuhle Metallic Canvas Healey Studio will not offer Direct to Print services for this media and the Pricing Formula for Papers will not apply.

Awagami Inkjet Paper - Japanese Washi

In the near future we will start to stock some varieties of Awagami Inkjet Paper. Due to the special nature of Awagami Washi Papers Direct To Print Services for will not be offered. Due to the higher price of Awagami papers the pricing formula above will not apply. Please contact us directly for more information.


Healey Studio does not archive any client files. All files excluding Direct To Print files will be written to flash memory, provided by the client and returned to the client at the time of delivery. If memory cards are not provided the files will be burned to CD for a nominal fee. CD’s are not intended for archival storage, just as a transport media. All jobs are on a payment before shipment or payment on delivery basis. A prepaid deposit is required for jobs that require special order materials.

Healey Studio will not print any images identified as copyrighted without the written permission of the owner of the copyright. Any purchaser of our services agrees to take full responsibility for any intellectual property infringement.

Prices do include packaging suitable for hand transportation but not substantial enough for shipping. The cost of suitable materials for shipping and time for packaging will be added at the approximate cost to us. All prints will be shipped flat unless the client specifies otherwise.

These policies and prices are intended for reference only, many topics are left uncovered. Please contact us with any questions that you may have. Thank you, we look forward to seeing and printing your work.