the Fine Art of Photography
and Digital Archival Printing

Introducing Healey Studio - Hahnemühle Certified Studio Services

After decades of research and learning, Healey Studio will offer the finest quality digital archival printing and print preparation services to select clients. In January 2014 Healey Studio became a Hahnemühle Certified Studio.

Healey Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the only Hahnemuhle Certified Studio outside the East Coast, West Coast and the Chicago region.

A Certified Studio supported by Hahnemühle:

  • maintains certified workflows and guarantees perfect prints in consistent quality
  • has experience in handling FineArt Inkjet Papers and Canvas
  • benefits from the knowledge of experts from Hahnemühle

Custom Printing with Museum Quality Digital Image Print Preparation by Ema Tanigaki

Creating a perfect print starts in the minds eye of the photographer. Photographers, please use your skills in photoshop and or lightroom to express your creativity, however please be aware that print preparation is a separate art. Each print should be optimized for color balance, detail, sharpening, and noise reduction, for the output resolution and the media it is printed on. One must consider the texture, color and gamut of the media that will be used, the viewing distance, the color temperature and intensity of the in situ lighting. If you are confident in print preparation methods please take advantage of our Direct To Print Service. Else please consider using the services of our Print Preparation Specialist.

Ema Tanigaki has been working with Photoshop for over 20 years. She is versed in PPW, custom masking and blending for sharpening, uses color balancing for content and a mixture of other advanced techniques to draw out the most from an image to produce the best print possible.

Hahnemuhle and Healey Studio Combine to create the perfect print

The Art of Digital Printing is to produce a print that has the color, contrast and detail that the was in the photographer’s mind when the photographer visualized the original image. This is certainly not the raw data that is captured by the camera sensor, nor what a scanner extrapolated from traditional film; although the naked capture is often the starting point.

Collage, special effects and HDR can be part of the photographers means of expression. Many and multiple plug-in’s and third party software packages are available that can quickly and simply touch up day to day images. But these are all processes separate from printing.

To properly prepare an image to print is to enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses in the image itself. Each photographer, photographic method, and process has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. To prepare an image to produce a perfect print, one must understand the intent of the photographer, and what that photographer’s choice of equipment can produce.

For decades we have searched for the perfect combination of elements to allow us to produce prints that do not disappoint even our own critical eyes. Every year advances have been made, technologically in digital imaging and also our personal development and education. Recently the equipment and materials that allow us to express ourselves as artists without previous limitations has finally arrived.

We are now ready to share the fruits of our knowledge, so starting in January 2014, we will begin accepting work from select photographers. Entering a relationship with Hahnemühle as a Certified Studio will allow us to continue to improve our methods as technology advances and will also give us access to resources that would not be available otherwise.

Those of you who are familiar with our other works in sculpture, jewelry, design and fine art photography know about our infinite attention to detail and our unquenchable thirst for knowledge. If you share this desire to produce the absolute best work possible, then please contact us so we can work together to make your individual vision a reality.